To place an order, select the shoes/bags/accessories you want to get customised, share your concept with us, or let us surprise you with our concepts.

Once the base design and product are selected, you either send us your shoes/bags/accessories, or we buy them for you. 

And then the art starts.

We also personalise artworks, feel free to drop in your ideas.

Your amped up belongings are shipped back to you after the paints are sealed, and coated. 

We would love it if you send in dry-cleaned or fresh pair of shoes and other luxury goods.

In case you can’t, our dry cleaning service starts at 800/- depending on the product. 

These are hand painted artworks. We use all weather seal varnish and also have nano-coating option. If the product is dry-cleaned and taken care of, it lasts as long as you’d want. 

Our paints are all imported from France. We use paints based on the type of fabric/material we are working on. 


Please feel free to contact us on our Instagram DM, email, text, or just call us!